Differences Between Room And Whole-house Air Purifiers

There is a great difference between room air filter and whole-house air filter. When you go for the right kind of air filter, there will be a great comfort. You can keep at bay many kinds of diseases. Children and seniors will have access to fresh and clean air. Room air purifiers are portable. The weight of room air purifiers will be in between 10 and 20 pounds. They will come with a handle and stand so that you can easily keep it on a floor or table as per your convenience. If you go to a heavier air purifier, you can find wheels as well so that there will be easier movement.

Room air purifiers

You can buy air purifier which is fitted with HEPA filter so that ultrafine particles will be captured very easily. However, you will want to replace filters on an annual basis so that there will not be any compromise on the performance. You should understand the fact that the maintenance cost of the filter should be included while taking a purchase decision. You should understand the drawbacks associated with air purifiers which are based on either electrostatic precipitation technology or ionizer technology as they can produce ozone.

The ozone can affect your health by irritating the lining present in lungs. There are dedicated room purifiers which are meant to purifying the air and they work on ionization technology. Hence, there is probability of producing large amounts of ozone. In some countries, air purifiers which deliver ozone as byproduct are banned altogether. If you go for a good hepa air purifier there will be great change in the quality of air.

Whole house air purifiers

You can install a specialized air filter to the existing heating or cooling system which is based on forced circulation. You can maintain the air purification system very easily as the air filter can be changed as per your convenience. The old air filter can be slipped out very easily and new filter can be attached without any issues. If you go for a conventional filter, you will find that filters are not based on electrical charge. There are whole-house air purifiers which are based on electrically charged versions. However, no ozone is produced through these air purifiers. Whole-house air purifiers are available in various sizes. You can choose purifier as per the size of the room, volume of air to be treated and the particle concentration level. However, you might want to go for duct work to accomplish thicker air filters. There are some filters which are made to return air in a different way. You should replace filter from 1 to 3 months as per the quality of air. You should consider an air purifier as per the initial cost as well as operational cost.