Ideas For Decorating A Kid’s Bedroom

Designing a kid’s bedroom can be both a fun and creative experience. Make it a place that your child will love being in. It should also reflect your child’s personality, so ask them for feedback when designing. 

Color Scheme

Soothing pastel hues such as green, blue and pink are great for a kids’ bedroom. They’ll provide a cheery and child-friendly atmosphere. Stay away from dreary shades such as dark grey. Also consult your child on his or her favorite color and whether they want their room painted in this shade. On the other hand, you could add accents in their favorite shade, in the shape of rugs, cheap bedroom furniture or curtains. Just make sure you pick a cheerful hue that will make you child feel relaxed.

Accents and Theme

A theme will make your kid’s bedroom look more interesting and reflect their personality and interests. For example, if your child loves adventure stories, you could get bedspreads or pictures and wall hangings depicting pirates, treasure maps and so on. If it’s a girl who loves fantasy, design accordingly. Vintage designs can also look quaint and whimsical for a kid’s bedroom. Add some fun pieces as well, such as a painted wardrobe, a kids recliner chair or a fun lampshade. If you like wallpaper, you could pick out the perfect pattern with your child.


Make sure you leave enough space for storage when designing, as kids’ bedrooms tend to become messy in no time. Also have enough storage items such as cupboards, drawers, baskets, shelves and trays, where your child can easily put away his or her belongings. You could get a toy box for them to store their toys in too. Encourage neatness in your child and the importance of keeping his or her space in order. The simpler and more orderly their room is, the happier and freer they’ll feel. Getting your kids involved in the designing process will also mean that they become more invested in keeping their room tidy.

Zones for Different Activities

Have a separate area for each of your kids’ activities. The bed will be at the centre or in a corner of the room, so leave this area free and uncluttered. Have another area on a side where you child can play with his or her friends and store their toys. Another zone will be for your child to study and draw, complete with a desk and chair and space to store their books and drawing/writing materials. A kid’s bedroom should be cozy, practical and fun, all at the same time.