Technological Improvements Over The Years

Fifty years ago, nobody could have imagined that technology would eventually become such a massive part of our lives. The idea of such rapid technological advancement would have been unfathomable, yet now, in today’s day and age, the latest improvements in technology have been incorporated into almost every part of our lives. This ranges from technology four daily use, to the way technology is used in industry and many service oriented businesses. Many organizations shift their operations to a more computer led method wherever possible, as means of cutting costs and coming more efficient. Such improvements have made life much easier and have made a lot of tedious tasks a lot more convenient, and this contributes largely to our lifestyles.

Technology started coming into play in a big way several years ago during the industrial revolution, where people and organizations moved towards industry, which involved manufacturing and getting involved in factories. This created a lot of jobs for the people in the countries in which industrial revolution took place on a large scale. However, today’s manufacturing industry is not as dependent on human intervention as it used to be. The jobs that were previously held by humans are now computer generated, and therefore, the effort put in by humans through exercise of mental and physical skill is now taken over by robots and machines, which will ensure cost cutting, efficiency, the minimalization of faulty products as well as the wages of the workers who previously used to worked on that vehicle. Such big factories have to make use of advanced security systems, flood lights, Anker powerline lightning as well as state of the art machinery.

From a domestic standpoint, we have become very dependent on technology in our daily lives. Our phones, laptops and tablets have become some of our most precious possessions, due to the amount of information they handle as well as the convenience they provide for communicating with others. We have moved forward at an exponential rate in so many areas. Take storage, for example.

When computers first came around, they were unbelievably huge and needed many operators to actually derive any kind of result from it. From that, we progressed to computers and hard drives, and then gradually came to the now obsolete devices; floppy disks. Eventually we progressed to CD’s, DVD’s, and now, pen drives, which have additional devices such as an Anker micro USB cable to make its use even more convenient.It can be said that technology has provided us with a spectrum of both benefits and drawbacks.